At the University of Vienna you have the possibility to choose astronomy as field of study. 

The bachelor programme Astronomy centres around the mathematical and physical basics of astronomy and astrophysics. The scientific / technical knowledge is applied in the numerical modelling of complex systems, the study of calendars and time service as well as in the calculation of the orbit of satellites and objects crossing the orbit of the earth. Moreover extensive knowledge in the area of computing will be acquired.

In the master programme Astronomy knowledge in extragalactics, dynamics of planets and stellar astronomy is intensified and enhanced. Students will learn to deal with technically sophisticated measurement and observation devices and modern astronomical giant equipment. The focus is on analysis, modelling and interpretation of complex systems. Students will gain the ability to use specialist literature in a scientifically adequate way and to carry out independent research-related astronomical projects.

During all programmes lectures about the topic of AGB stars are included. It is also possible to write the graduation paper in this field of research.